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Hello and welcome, I’m David D. Das. I’m an attorney, and more importantly, a son, husband, and a father to my little boy – and dog.

I want you to know you’ve made a big step toward peace of mind simply by reading this. If you’re on this page, I’ll assume you’re curious to see if I’m the right person to guide you through this process, and I commend you for that. I would do the same. In fact, choosing the right attorney is the first step – and perhaps even the most important step – toward putting the right estate plan in place. So with that in mind, let me tell you a little about myself:

My given name is Debarshi Das, but I go by David. I grew up in Michigan and attended Michigan State University. After undergrad, I relocated to the Northern Virginia area to attend law school at George Mason University School of Law (now “Antonin Scalia Law School”). I began my legal career in Virginia, litigating in courts throughout the State, but returned home in 2019, now living in Oakland County.

Though a successful litigator, I was unfulfilled professionally. Everyday was filled with contention, objections, and arguments. It was more tumultuous relationships with opposing counsel than productive relationships with my clients – and I desired more of the latter. I wanted to be a lawyer that my community could rely on to deliver guaranteed results. A lawyer that individuals and families could count on in their time of need and to protect what they’ve built. 

Although I had done some estate planning during my litigation career, it was not until my father passed away that I considered practicing it full time. My father had paid for an estate plan; however, it was woefully inadequate. The last thing anyone wants to do in the midst of grief is settle an estate, and a poorly planned estate makes it that much more difficult – I am still attempting to access a sum of money forfeited to the states Department of Unclaimed Money.

Soon after I lost my father, I became a dad myself when my Wife and I welcomed our son into the world. Like many parents, my child gave me enormous focus and additional meaning to my life. Providing for and protecting him, even after I’m gone, became a top priority.

So I dedicated myself to learning all I could about wills, trusts, wealth management and estate plans. Once competent, I redid our family plan and ensured that the proper people would know exactly where to find important documents and accounts, and that our son would be taken care, in the short and long term, by the people we wanted. 

I know that most parents are just like me. Their kids are the most important thing in the world to them and they work tirelessly to protect them, provide for them, and raise them right. They want to ensure that when they’re gone, their kids are just as protected as when they were alive. However, planning for that eventuality doesn’t always come naturally.

I knew I could help those parents ensure protection for their children. And I knew that would be meaningful, fulfilling work that would make a real difference in the lives of families, just like mine.

And whether you’re single; at a stage where you’re raising kids and taking care of elderly parents; or empty nesters, its just as important to have a plan in place, not only to ease the burden on those you leave behind, but to ensure that your assets, including the intangible, are given to those you want, when you want, how you want. To do so requires more than just a onetime transaction where you sign documents and never see your attorney again.  I knew it required committed service and I knew I could provide it.  

So I created Das Law; where the focus isn’t just on a set of documents, but helping you make the very best legal decisions during your lifetime and making sure someone – the right someone – is there for your family after you’re gone.

If that sounds like the kind of relationship and level of service you’d like from your attorney, we should talk.

I look forward to knowing you and caring for your family soon!

David D. Das, Esq.

PS – Please feel free to ask me questions directly at ddas@ddaslaw.com

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